Association for Moral Education: 46th Annual Conference

February 5, 2020
Morality, Environmental Sustainability, and Education


Preserving the natural environment is a moral issue. But how can the appeal to moral values effectively counter climate change, loss of biodiversity, environmental pollution and other degradations of the natural environment in wake of the Anthropocene? The Association for Moral Education invites researchers, practitioners and activists to engage in a critical dialogue in order to better align moral and civic education with the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

While connections between environmental sustainability and morality are multitude, the fields of environmental and moral or civic education have been largely separated up to date. This split is unfortunate as it prevents researchers and practitioners from exploiting synergies in linking these fields. What moral foundations and value-orientations best support environmental education? How can moral and environmental education inform each other with regard to best practices? How can educators exploit synergies, so that instances of civic education become opportunities for environmental education and vice versa? These are leading questions to be explored during the conference.

Submissions are invited from a broad range of disciplines including but not limited to anthropology, education, environmental studies, indigenous studies, philosophy, psychology, political sciences and sociology. In addition to engagement with the main conference theme, submissions on any topic of moral education are welcome as part of the general conference program.