Rolling for the Future: How Making Films on Cell Phones is Democratizing Media and Empowering Marginalized Youth

CMEI Colloquium
Gutman Library, Harvard Graduate School of Education
February 27, 2013

Speaker Biography: After graduating from Cambridge University with a BA Hons in History, Alice Bragg developed scripts for director Anthony Minghella, eventually writing a screenplay for him in 2004/5. Her passion for participatory theatre took her to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro where she studied the work of Theatre Practitioner, Augusto Boal. In Palestine and Israel, Alice explored the relationship between theatre and politics for her MSc dissertation in Middle East Politics in 2007. Alice has been teaching young people to make films since 2006. She has driven forward the vision of World Film Collective, managed its growth, designed its curriculums, trained tutors, forged partnerships and raised the necessary funds. Alice is passionate about the role of art in facilitating positive social, economic and political change, and in supporting individual creative voices as a key part of that transformation.